Nourished: Fourth Trimester Care

Nourished: Fourth Trimester Care

Nourished: Fourth Trimester Care
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Nourished is a combination of emotional support, practical guidance, and nourishment that is designed to support the postpartum woman in body, mind, and spirit. Imagine that you have just given birth to your newly Earthside babe. Maybe this is your first child; maybe you have older children at home as well. Either way, this time you've decided that you will honor your body and REST. You've signed up for Nourished Fourth Trimester support.

So, when you've had a rough night with babe, you're exhausted and feeling unsure of yourself, you breathe a sigh of relief as you remember it's your Nourished day. You know this is your time. It's not time to host or put on a good face, No. This is your time to be nurtured. To come as you are and to let yourself be supported. A warm cup of tea, a listening ear, and a set of helping hands. A visit from someone who knows how vulnerable this period of time is in a mother's development and knows what is needed.

Each woman is unique, as is each birthing experience. The Nourished package is designed to meet you where you are and is flexible to meet your needs. Despite the differences, there are certain truths that remain the same. One of these is that a six-week postpartum visit as a stand-alone method of care after birth is not sufficient. We must do better. Your body will have just taken the last nine months to grow a whole new organ and increase your blood supply by at least half, not to mention create another human life. And yet somehow, this is just the beginning. The fourth trimester is a time to REGENERATE. To gather your people around you, regain your strength, and find your footing as a mother.

My approach to thriving and wellness involves prevention and building a solid foundation from which to grow. The postpartum period is no different. Honestly, what is more important than a new mother's physical and emotional wellbeing? Are babies not best cared for by nourished and well-supported mothers? Yes, new motherhood is hard, but let it be the right kind of hard. The kind of hard that you grow through as you learn what it feels like to have your heart live outside your body and as you lean on other women who have walked the path before you

We can do hard things, but we do them together. Support is what allows us to soften and surrender to motherhood. There is no greater gift to ourselves and our families than this.

What's Included

  • Prenatal Consultation (virtual or in-person for local clients)
  • In-home (or virtual, if desired) postpartum wellness visit(s) for emotional support and practical guidance during early motherhood
  • Nourishment basket delivery includes hand-selected and locally sourced or crafted items and foods believed to support the postpartum woman in body, mind and spirit (i.e. teas, freshly baked breads, nourishing muffins, granola, juices, tinctures, herbal bath soaks, other seasonal items, etc.)
Packages can be customized to include as many home visits and basket deliveries as desired.

What Happens During a Visit

  • Honestly, whatever feels supportive for you in the moment! We understand how flexible things need to be in the early days of motherhood.
  • Sample Visit: You sit with the baby while you make a warm cup of tea and fix something light to eat from your delivery basket. You check in regarding how you are doing and anything you are hoping for support with that day.
  • We can discuss infant sleep patterns, options for co-sleeping or bed-sharing, address the many "is this normal?" questions, identify areas for support from other specialists or groups, or literally just be a shoulder to cry on. I'm here for all of it.

Pricing Structure

🌼 Tier 1 - $300.00

  • One Prenatal Consult
  • One Postpartum Visit
  • One Nourished Basket


🌼 Tier 2 - $575.00

  • One Prenatal Consult
  • Two Postpartum Visits
  • Two Nourished Basket


🌼 Tier 3 - $1,100.00

  • One Prenatal Consult
  • Weekly Postpartum Visits (4)
  • Weekly Nourished Baskets (4)


🌼 Tier 4 - $1,700.00

  • One Prenatal Consult
  • Weekly Postpartum Visits (4)
  • Weekly Nourished Baskets (4)
  • Voice chat support for first 40 days for additional support



NOTE: After purchase you will be sent a questionnaire for details about the Mama & pregnancy.

LOCATION: Root to Rise Motherhood is based out of Madison, CT & services are offered to all surrounding towns (Guilford, Branford, North Branford, Killingworth, Clinton, North Haven, East Haven, Durham, Westbrook).

If your town is not on the list, please reach out as we may be able to accommodate!

HAVE QUESTIONS? Please feel free to reach out to me either before or after purchase with any questions!

Email: [email protected]

IG: DM @roottorisemama

Don't let the fourth trimester pass by unnoticed; embrace this opportunity to nurture yourself and enjoy a thriving postpartum experience. Book your free consultation now, learn more, and embark on a path of self-care and well-being.

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