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As a first-time mom, navigating postpartum was very challenging and exhausting. I was constantly filled with worry as I gained confidence. I took all the pregnancy, labor, and baby care courses during pregnancy, and although they were insightful, they didn’t compare to the services that Jen provided. Not only is she full of wisdom when it comes to motherhood, but her ability to hold a safe space for you in some of your hardest, sleep-deprived moments was truly valuable. I felt so seen, so held, and so supported by her; I honestly don’t know where I’d be without her support through those times. Any question I had (and I had a million), she was there to guide me in a way that allowed me to remember my own intuition as a mama too.

Her nourishing baskets were some of the most delicious foods I’ve ever eaten, and they were exactly what I needed to fuel my body. Trust me, these services are worth investing in, and you and your baby are worth investing in. Jen offers such a unique service that all mamas should have! Even if you think you have ‘enough support’ from family and friends (which is also super important), I promise you you still need nourishment.


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