Stepping Into the Light

Stepping Into the Light

Stepping Into the Light

Posted August 1, 2020 by Jennifer Marie

I write this now for you as I am beginning to step into the light. I have seen glimpses, here and there, of the bright, shining, all encompassing joyful light that is available to me, to us. It’s the twinkling light that glimmers through the tree branches as they sway in the breeze. It’s the sunlight glistening off the rocking ocean. It’s the innocence, the joy in my daughter’s eyes, in her smile. So true, so real, that everything else falls away. It catapults you to another dimension, another place. Where there is no time, no fear, no worry, only love and presence. Only being. It is the most powerful feeling, enough to bring tears to your eyes, bring you to your knees with gratitude and reverence for the beauty of it all. It cracks my heart wide open, merging in love with all of existence, all that is. As I write this, the tears prick my eyes, in recognition of the beauty, the truth that I speak of as these words flow forth. Springing from my fingers like a fountain, they need to be said, need to be heard. They’ve been waiting, caged inside for far too long. I lift the veil and allow them to flow from my heart to the page. It is cathartic, energizing, joyful. Almost indescribable, but I feel fully connected to the universe, to my spirit, to all of creation.

Sitting here now in my kitchen, I come back to the life around me, but it’s not a let down to come back. It’s all still beautiful, with light shimmering from every surface, every action, every person I encounter. I can take this feeling with me. Nurture it, cultivate it, as one would with a small child. It is always here, always available to me, and I choose to step into it now. I hope you will too. Miracles are here now, ever present, we simply need to step into the light and allow them to touch us, allow ourselves to see them.

I am struck by the word “allow.” Its simplicity but also its power. We need to step into the light and ALLOW it to move through us. To ALLOW our babies to be birthed. To ALLOW ourselves to heal, physically and emotionally. To ALLOW ourselves to fully embrace that we are literally created out of love, pure and true love, as is all the universe. We need to ALLOW ourselves to remember this, let everything else fall away until pure love and ever-present light is all there is, all there ever was.

Lets take this journey together…

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