Rose Petal Cheeks

Rose Petal Cheeks

Rose Petal Cheeks

Posted January 16, 2021 by Jennifer Marie 

Your rose petal cheeks brush against mine. Their softness is otherworldly, it takes me out of this place and into another. How could a simple brush of cheek against cheek be all it takes? All it takes to be so enveloped in love, wrapped up in its all encompassing warmth. It’s like we’re in our own little bubble, me and you, tucked in close and nestled into my chest, where you should be, where we should be. We don’t need to be anywhere else but here, the dishes and laundry and dinner will wait, we will be here, outside of time. Outside of the hustle and to do lists, you’ll find us here, snuggly and warm, in our slow motion sphere while the world passes by.

These moments are both fleeting and eternal. In just an instant I’m transported, or perhaps, for that instant I’m actually here and the rest of the time I’m “out there” somewhere. But for that moment, that I’m grounded right here with you, its pure bliss. My heart cracks open and envelopes us both in its warm green glow. Sometimes it feels so big I can’t hold it, can’t hold it all in, so it pours out. And maybe that’s how it’s supposed to be, how we’re supposed to live, with our hearts cracked open and our love flowing out. The mist just holding us, suspending us in this safe little nest, outside of time and space. Nothing can reach us here, we’re protected from it all. And all it takes is a moment, a moment of presence with you. Your rose petal cheek against mine and your soft breathe intermingling with my own.

This is it, this is where I will return to always. When you are grown, with a family of  your own, I’ll stand by your side, of course, but I’ll also still be right here, breathing in your scent, feeling your skin against mine and your tiny hand reaching out for me as you sleep. For now, I am your safe place, your haven, and you are mine. And though we will both grow and change, you can always return here, return home. And I don’t mean to me, though I’ll be here for you every moment of every day, but that place within yourself that takes you out of time. Come back to it, the space between breaths, the feeling of your own child’s rose petal cheek against your own, that place where your heart breaks open and the love pours out. That feeling where you can’t help it, it’s all encompassing and too big to hold. And that’s the way it should be, because that love holds us all, holds us all together. Let the tears and the love flow, let them intermingle with the love and tears pouring out of other people’s hearts. And maybe that is what will hold us all up, just those simple rose petal cheeks, and the love, oh so much love.

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