New Program Release: Embodied Earthlings

New Program Release: Embodied Earthlings

New Program Release: Embodied Earthlings
Posted on May 15th, 2022.

My first ever course offering is here! This isn’t a traditional course, but a six-week live, cohort-model learning experience. This course is designed as a foundational course where you will learn and experience techniques for grounding (i.e., the ‘root’ in root to rise), quieting the mind, and rising up to the seat of your wisdom and intuition. While it is not specifically marketed towards mamas, the purpose is aligned.

Imagine how it would feel to dedicate time and space each week to drop in on yourself—to take the time to FEEL into your physical, energetic, and emotional body. Imagine creating your own sacred space inside your home, a space where you can return to yourself and your true home. Imagine knowing that even when things get heavy, hard, or chaotic, as they always do, you have access to your own inner sanctuary, to the still, quiet waters within.

If you're thinking, Yes, that sounds beautiful, but I don’t have the time, then you need this more than ever. We need, we deserve, and we require time to center and to come into realignment with our true nature. So when the “mom guilt” bubbles, ask yourself this: Do I want to model for my children the ‘mother as martyr’ stereotype, the one I’m so desperately trying to break free from? Or do I show my children a new way? A life where we are deeply in tune with ourselves, our wants, our desires, our joys, our wisdom, and our inner ‘knowing’. A life where we lead from a heart-centered place. A life filled with peace, intention, and equanimity. I know what I’m choosing. In choosing myself, I’m choosing my family, and I’m choosing to LIVE.

I trust you’ll join me if this sounds like the life for you 💚

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