A Letter on Love to My Children

A Letter on Love to My Children

A Letter on Love to My Children

Posted January 22, 2021 by Jennifer Marie

Dear children, you are love, quite literally pure and true love through and through. Nothing you can ever do can make this untrue. No action you can take will make you any more or any less loved. Though the years may take you further from this truth, always hold it near to you and find your way home. You are special and you are loved. That still quiet voice in your heart, that is love. The louder, chattering voice, that sometimes bangs around in your mind, that my dears is Fear. Fear is always trying to be the leader of the show, be more brazen, and take up more space to drown out Love. But Love isn’t afraid, it isn’t going anywhere, it is your true nature after all. Fear will try to be the cloud to cover up the sun’s bright white light, but it can’t ever last, the truth just blazes through. As long as you slow down long enough to see it, tune in enough to hear it, otherwise Fear will continue its hazy fog over your life, convincing you that love has abandoned you.

But hear me when I say this, Love will never abandon you, you are always held, always loved. Just look to all the beauty around you if you ever need a reminder. In the daytime, tilt your head up to the sky. Take in the vastness that you see, the expansive blue above mirroring the expansiveness of love in  your heart. Feel the heat of the sun beating down on your skin, warming your body and soul, just as love does. Lie in the grass and gaze at the clouds. Spread your fingers into the lush grass, right down to the gritty dirt below, sifting the earth between your fingertips. Feel the depths of the earth below you, steady and grounded, just as love is. Close your eyes and feel the wind kiss your cheeks, run its fingers through your hair, just as I do to show you my love and soak up yours. In the night, cast your gaze up to the sky once more and find the moon, shining a light in the darkness, just as love does.

Fill up on it, fill up with love and beauty at every chance you get. Every time you can watch a sunset, marvel at the array of hues painted across the sky like a canvas. Every time you can notice a tiny grasshopper frozen on a blade of grass, freeze with him, soak up his beauty. Every time you see another, see their beauty, see them for the being of love that they are, just as you are, and treat them as such.  Fill up on this beauty, this love, until you are so full that you glow like the sun. You will have a twinkle in your eye and a lightness of foot, because you know the secret. You know, with all that you are, that you are held, you are loved, and it will always be so. Others will notice this in you and be drawn to it, so share your little secret my dears, shout it from the mountaintops, “I am love and you are too!”

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