Mama Aligned

Mama Aligned

Mama Aligned

A Mama Aligned knows her heart. She's taken the time to listen and she's honest with herself about her values, her life and her dreams. 
She is clear on what she is calling into her life and what no longer serves her. She is confident in her yes and in her no because she is clear on what MATTERS to her. She is cultivating a deep sense of groundedness, growing her roots deep into the fertile soil beneath her, letting her WHY guide her back home to heart.  

Join in for a three part journey to your inner "why." Get to know yourself again, whether you are thinking of having children, are pregnant or a parent already. Rediscover your values so that you can move more purposefully and consciously through your life. 


*This is a three part recorded program. There are no live calls or groups associated with this program. Upon purchase, access to the videos will be sent to you.
Original value of live program: $222

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