Root to Rise Motherhood

Root to Rise Motherhood was born out of a passion to create a sisterhood of thriving mamas.To weave together a network of women embodying all phases of motherhood in order to allow us to move with more joy, radiance, and trust in our lives. Trust in ourselves, our sisters, this earth, and the divine nature that holds us all. It is time we start speaking our truth, as women, as mothers, as sisters, and connect with one another from this place of authenticity.

Let there be nothing left unspoken, let there be no woman left feeling alone, let us release all societally imposed expectations, let us create a new sisterhood, a new way of open-hearted living. One that allows us to root into our true nature, our true values & our deepest desires and rise up, together.

I am passionate about creating a sisterhood of thriving mothers and offering compassionate and mother-focused postpartum care. I provide motherhood mentorship, community based motherhood circles, counseling, and in-home postpartum/wellness care.  

The services offered are designed to offer safe and supportive spaces for women. Whether that's in the context of a one on one mentorship or a group setting where women can gather to share wisdom and experiences with each other, it is my heartfelt mission to provide you with the skills, knowledge, confidence and community needed to move through your motherhood journey from an empowered and fully supported place. 

I would be honored to welcome you to the Root to Rise community! Join our newsletter to stay up to date with new offerings and I invite you to reach out with any and all questions at (203) 896-0478 or to schedule a consultation.

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